Who I Am
What I Do

Who I Am And What I Do

I’m The Person 7-Figure Businesses Turn To
When They’re Tired Of Overpaying On Their Taxes

Hi, I’m Tiffany Phillips. I’m a CPA and tax specialist who, since 2016, has worked to save businesses up to $97,398/year in taxes. What got me started? Simple. I saw businesses overpay on taxes every year when they didn’t have to.

I decided to fix that. After years of watching tired CPAs provide the bare minimum support, I started my own firm. I knew businesses wanted more, so I decided to help. Using industry experience I created a 85 strategy checklist to help 7-figure businesses like yours protect their profits.

What I Do

What I Do

  • I use 85 different strategies to find and protect your profits from taxes you shouldn’t be paying.
  • I create tax plans using non-traditional approaches. Instead of spending to create deductions, my 92 strategies find options traditional CPAs miss.
  • I personally work with every client to find the right solution no matter the market. If you’re paying more taxes than you should, then I can help.

Who We Help

Are you overpaying on your taxes, tired of spending to create deductions, and know there’s a better way? If you’re a 7-figure business who knows your CPA should be saving you more, let’s talk, I can help.

How We Help

I protect your profits using 85 unique, legal, and effective tax strategies.  Using a personal, hands-on approach, I find tax savings traditional CPAs miss.

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